*This story is republished with permission from Kevin Wallevand.  The story can be found online at: http://www.wday.com/news/4482693-redhawks-players-bunk-pioneer-house-assisted-living 

FARGO N.D.—It’s a tradition in Fargo-Moorhead, families graciously open up their homes to athletes who play junior hockey or professional baseball.

But one ‘non-traditional’ host family here in the metro welcomes players to their very big home.

Some residents of Pioneer House Assisted Living came early.

Mayvis, Dorothy, and Dolores wanted some good seats on this Redhawks Appreciation Day.

And there is a reason the residents are a little crazy for the Redhawks.

A reason there are pictures everywhere of these senior fans attending the games.

A reason they especially love two of the Redhawks.

Right fielder Tim Colwell and Assistant Coach Anthony Renz autographed baseball caps today for the residentsbaseball1

But the players already know the residents here, that’s because they live here at Pioneer House Assisted Living, as part of the host family program.

Coach Renz remembers calling the Redhawks about housing.

“He is like, ‘don’t panic. It is going to sound a little weird,'” Renz said.

Right Fielder Colwell loves it.

He says the residents treat them like their own.

“Pretty humbling to think someone who has seen so much in their life is still invested and supportive in something as mundane as baseball is. It is pretty awesome,” Colwell said.

Dorothy Hildreth seldom misses a game, despite her poor vision, and she listens to the games on the radio.

“It really is a joy, I am so impressed with how the boys play,” Dorothy said.

And if the games go long, no worries, when the boys get home late, “You get done with a game at 10:30, you don’t want to go anywhere, you come back and something is made for you. It is ideal. No doubt,” Renz said.

Pioneer House still has food ready for them.

“You can’t put a value on it, when you see how much joy you can bring to someone, We sometimes take it for granted. We often think win, win, win all the time, you look around at those who come out to the games and support you is awesome,” Renz said.

And how about this, 103-year-old Mayvis Solberg, sharp as a tack, doesn’t miss a game

“This is wonderful, good for this place and good for the Redhawks,” Mayvis said.

She still finds time to sew quilts for her two boys in the building. She even signed it for them. A little comfort after the game when they come here, home.

The next outing to the Redhawks Game for the residents is August 22nd.

They sit by the dugout so their “boys” can hear them.