Rehab and Care Center

Senior Rehab and Care Center in Fargo, ND offers:

Skilled nursing services for residents needing both short-term and long-term specialized nursing care

Short-term senior rehab therapies, including physical, occupational and speech. Our experienced, professional rehab team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure the maximum recovery of skills. Our team offers the encouragement to help residents make the transition from hospital to home as quickly as possible after a health concern

Memory care for those faced with short or long-term memory loss

Assisted Living

Assisted living apartments are next door in Pioneer House Assisted Living. Pioneer House Assisted Living offers the independence of your own apartment, with the convenience of extra assistance when needed. A secure, friendly environment, Pioneer House joins the rest of the Elim campus as an Eden Alternative facility, offering spontaneity and carefree living.

With full meal service, 24-hour medical care and friendly assistance with daily tasks, Pioneer House is a prime favorite for seniors. With Elim Rehab and Care Center right next door, residents at Pioneer House also have access to comprehensive rehabilitation therapies, including excellent physical, occupational and speech therapies.

For carefree and cozy senior housing, try Pioneer House.

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Children’s Center

Elim Children’s Center (ECC) serves children age two through preschool in a caring early learning environment. ECC offers a complete preschool program in addition to childcare for no additional fee.

Our complete preschool program assures parents that their child will be ready for kindergarten. Preparation for kindergarten happens through Innovations, a curriculum for early childhood which is used in each of the three classrooms.

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